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California Harassment & Discrimination Lawyers / Neuro-Oncology Grant Application for The Garza Foundation

Neuro-Oncology Grant Application for The Garza Foundation

Section One: Personal Details (Grant Applicant):

Section Two: Background:

Please provide details of your current work in the neuro-oncology area (include what you consider to be your top accomplishments within the last several years).

If applicable, please list any key individual, partners (and their roles) that might be involved (directly or tangentially) with your proposal.

Section Three: Overview:

Please provide an overview of your grant proposal, including:

  • Brief description of the proposal (problem you seek to address/solve)
  • Purpose and key objectives and anticipated outcomes
  • Individuals or communities that would benefit
  • Overview of how grant funds would be spent
  • Timeline

Section Four: Proposed Use of Grant Funds:

Please describe how you intend to use the grant funds (including a budget and the sustainability of the project, including whether you are submitting what you anticipate will be a multi-year request.

Section Five: Evaluation Information:

Please describe what you would consider to be reasonable measurable outcomes for your proposal and how you intend to report the outcomes to the Foundation.

Section Six: Supplementary Information:

Please provide any third-party reference(s).

Please provide any supplementary documents that you feel the Board Members should review before making their grant decisions.

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