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California Harassment & Discrimination Lawyers / California Wrongful Termination Lawyer

California Wrongful Termination Lawyer

In California, employees are generally employed “at-will.” However, in certain situations, it is illegal for employers to terminate a California employee, even if the employee is “at-will.” Wrongful termination can occur if the employee has an oral or written contract of employment that was breached by the employer, the employee complained of discrimination, harassment or other illegal activity and was terminated for doing so, the employee refused to engage in illegal activity, or the employer terminated the employee because of the employee’s refusal to commit an illegal act.

If you believe that your termination may have been illegal, contact the California wrongful termination lawyers at The Garza Firm for an evaluation of your claim. The Garza Firm will carefully analyze your circumstances to determine whether you should pursue your claim. We understand how important employment is in all our lives. We strive to advise our clients of all available options including those options that do not include litigation.

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