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California Harassment & Discrimination Lawyers / California Discrimination & Retaliation Lawyer

California Discrimination & Retaliation Lawyer

The Garza Firm is committed to protecting the rights of employees and individuals who suffer any form of discrimination or retaliation.

Discrimination Based On Protected Status Is Prohibited

Discrimination based on protected categories are prohibited by state and federal law. Protected categories include race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, and pregnancy. Discrimination can occur at work, school or other parts of everyday life. Workplace discrimination can occur in connection with terminations, demotions, denial of monetary compensation and benefits, and failure to promote or hire. Employees also must be protected from a hostile work environment based on gender, gender identity and other protected criteria. A hostile work environment can include offensive comments made by managers, supervisors or co-workers. Similarly, in the educational setting, Title IX prohibits universities receiving federal funding from denying educational benefits and opportunities based on protected characteristics such as sex. Students who have been denied educational opportunities and benefits based on discrimination are entitled to remedies, including compensation.

Retaliation Based On Protected Activities Is Illegal

Employees and students who complain of any form of harassment or discrimination have engaged in a “protected activity” and are protected from retaliation at work or school. Examples of “protected activities” include making complaints of harassment, discrimination, safety issues, or illegal activities. It is illegal for an employer to take an “adverse action” because an employee has engaged in a protected activity. “Adverse actions” and retaliation may take the following forms:

  • Terminating an employee for no reason or a false reason
  • Giving an employee an undeserved poor performance review
  • Demoting, or failing to promote, an employee who is a good performer
  • Reducing an employee’s compensation without good reason
  • Transferring the employee to a less desirable position
  • Engaging in verbal or physical abuse
  • Making threats or making an employee’s work environment or work schedule significantly more difficult .

Employees and job applicants cannot be punished because they have asserted their rights.

If you believe that you have been the victim of discrimination or retaliation, call The Garza Firm for an evaluation of your claim and an assessment of your rights. Our California discrimination & retaliation lawyers have significant experience representing employees in claims of harassment and retaliation and in protecting their rights.

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