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California Harassment & Discrimination Lawyers / Los Angeles University/College Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Los Angeles University/College Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is all too common on post-secondary campuses, and it occurs for many reasons. The impact of sexual harassment will remain with a survivor for years afterward and in many cases, people can never overcome the psychological and emotional impacts. Regardless of how sexual harassment was allowed to occur, it is important for victims to come forward. This is the only way to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions and for survivors to claim the financial compensation they are entitled to. If you have survived this type of misconduct, our Los Angeles university/college sexual harassment lawyer can help during this difficult time.

Why is Sexual Harassment So Common on College and University Campuses?

College and university campuses are very crowded places. Students often outnumber faculty and law enforcement in disproportionate numbers. Add to this the fact that many students feel very free when they go to college or university, particularly if it is the first time they have lived away from home. It is also not uncommon for college and university students to attend a large number of parties, at which alcohol is often involved. The combination of so many people at the height of their hormonal development and alcohol can make it all too easy for a person to lower their inhibitions.

All of the above make it far too easy for sexual harassment, and even rape, to occur on post-secondary education campuses. Still, none of them are an excuse for causing someone to undergo such devastating physical and emotional damage.

Who is Liable for University or College Sexual Harassment?

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment while attending college or university, you can file a claim for monetary compensation. Although compensation can never undo what happened, it can help offset some of the financial burden of the harassment, such as your medical expenses and more. First, you must determine who is liable for your losses.

Of course, the person that harassed you can likely be held liable for paying compensation for your losses. Even if there is an ongoing criminal case against your perpetrator, it will not provide you with anything more than the peace of mind that they have been held criminally responsible. The only way to obtain compensation for your losses is to file a civil claim against them.

If your harassment happened on a college or university campus, the school may also be held liable for paying compensation. Schools have a legal responsibility to make sure that students are as safe as possible while on their property. While schools cannot prevent all criminal acts, they must take appropriate measures to make sure the rate of incidents are reduced as much as possible.

Our University/College Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles Can Help You Through this Difficult Time

If you have been subject to misconduct while on a school campus, our Los Angeles university/college sexual harassment lawyer at The Garza Firm can help you through this difficult time. Call us now at (949) 570-8350 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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