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Los Angeles Title IX Lawyer

When there are allegations of sexual abuse or harassment that occur on a university campus, the complaints will go through the school’s code of conduct procedures as a Title IX violation. These issues are resolved through a Title IX hearing. Title IX is one of many civil rights laws. Originally, it was intended to prohibit discrimination based on gender among the employees, students, and faculty of educational institutions.

The law has changed significantly over the years and today, it includes sexual assault, which the definition of has also largely broadened over the years. Today, Title IX claims involve more actions and behavior than ever before. These proceedings are not like other legal procedures though, and the rights you thought you had may not apply. Our Los Angeles Title IX lawyer will advise you of the rights you have, and ensure they are protected at all times.

Consequences of a Title IX Investigation

If an investigation is opened and you are the subject of it, you may find that you face several consequences, even before a decision is made in your case. If someone has accused you, the school can issue and enforce a no-contact order, which prohibits you from contacting your accuser in any way. They may also temporarily suspend you from school, and prevent you from competing in NCAA sports. If you are currently in work study employment, the school may also cancel or temporarily suspend it. It is important to know that these actions are not always lawful.

Any one of these actions can have a compounding impact on your continuing education. While an attorney may be able to appear at your hearing, they may not be allowed to make arguments during it. Your school may appoint an advisor in your case, but it is important to remember this individual is not a lawyer. To ensure your rights are protected, it is critical to work with a Los Angeles Title IX lawyer who will ensure your rights are upheld.

Appealing Title IX Decisions

Just like in other legal matters, it is possible that the Title IX decision will not be favorable to you. In these instances, it is possible to appeal the decision. You can only file an appeal if the facts stated by the investigator are not accurate, the punishment you received is disproportionate to the alleged misconduct, or there is new evidence that was not known during the initial investigation and it has recently come to light and could significantly change the outcome of the case.

You only have five to ten days after the sanction was levied to file an appeal. If you have not spoken to a Los Angeles Title IX lawyer prior to filing your appeal, now is the time to make sure you obtain the legal advice you need.

Let Our Title IX Lawyer in Los Angeles Handle Your Case

Title IX investigations and hearings are incredibly complex. At The Garza Firm, our Los Angeles Title IX lawyer can help you navigate the process, give you the best chance of a favorable outcome, and if necessary, assist with your appeal. Call us now at (949) 570-8350 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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