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California Harassment & Discrimination Lawyers / Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Employees in Los Angeles, and throughout the rest of the state, should be able to go to work and know that they are in a safe environment. This extends to not only the equipment and supplies they use, but employees should also know that they will never be the victim of sexual harassment while they are on the job. Sadly, too many workers face sexual harassment every day and in many instances, it can make the very thought of going to work unbearable.

If you are simply trying to earn an honest living, you should never have to feel this way. If someone has behaved inappropriately, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer can help you right the wrong.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

At times, sexual harassment is out in the open. It is obvious. For example, a manager may promise a lower level employee a raise or promotion if they go out on a date with them. This is known as quid pro quo sexual harassment and it is fairly easy to spot. Quid pro quo harassment occurs any time a person in a position of authority offers an employee an incentive in exchange for something else, usually something that is sexual in nature. Quid pro quo does still happen today, but it is not as common as it once was.

Other forms of sexual harassment are much more subtle. Certain types of behavior that create a hostile work environment are also considered sexual harassment. Due to the fact that this type of harassment is not as obvious, it happens much more commonly today than quid pro quo harassment. A hostile work environment is one in which the harassment is so pervasive, it prevents the employee from being able to perform their employment duties.

Some of the most common examples of sexual harassment are as follows:

  • Distributing images or messages of an offensive or sexual nature
  • Constant comments, jokes, or innuendos of a sexual nature
  • Making sexual requests or offers
  • Unwanted physical touching
  • Intentionally invading an employee’s personal space

In order for a hostile work environment to be present, the behavior must happen regularly and not intermittently.

Who is Liable for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Generally speaking, employers are usually liable for sexual harassment in the workplace. Clearly this is the case when the employer is the one initiating the harassment in the first place. Employers are liable in other situations though, too. For example, if a co-worker regularly harassed another employee and the victim reported it, the employee could be held liable if they did nothing to correct the situation. In other instances, employers can also be held liable if a regular customer constantly harassed an employee and nothing was done about it.

Our Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Los Angeles Can Help You Through this Difficult Situation

If your workplace is no longer a comfortable place to be, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers at The Garza Firm can help. Call us now at (949) 570-8350 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and to get the help you need during this difficult time.

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