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California Harassment & Discrimination Lawyers / California Sexual Assault Lawyer

California Sexual Assault Lawyer

Many Californians are victims of sexual assault. Sexual assault is a broad legal term that involves nonconsensual sexual activity between adults as well as any behavior that affects a person’s ability to control their sexual activity (such as restricting access to birth control). It typically involves isolated events. Sexual assault is different from sexual harassment, which can encompass physical, verbal, and emotional actions.

Contrary to popular belief, sexual assault doesn’t just happen to women — even men can be victims. It is possible for them to be raped. Those who are dating or married can be victims of sexual assault. Being in a relationship does not give a person permanent consent to have sex with you.

Sexual assault can be a terrifying situation. You may be angry and scared. You may not know how to proceed. A California sexual assault lawyer from The Garza Firm can help you understand the process and protect your legal rights.

Types of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can happen in the following forms:

  • Unwanted kissing or touching
  • Threatening or pressuring someone into unwanted sexual activity
  • Unwanted rough or violent sexual activity
  • Rape or attempted rape
  • Refusing to use condoms or restricting a partner’s access to birth control.
  • Keeping someone from protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sexual contact with someone who does not consent or is unable to do so

Consent means that both parties agree to have sex with each other. Keep in mind that even when a person gives consent, they can change their mind and say no at any time. Certain types of people are not capable of consent. They include:

  • Minors (those under the age of 18)
  • Someone that is too intoxicated (under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • Someone who is unconscious
  • A person with a mental disorder

What to Do After Sexual Assault

After you have been sexually assaulted, do the following:

  • Confide in someone you trust. You may be feeling anger, shame, fear, guilt, or shock. It’s important to find someone to support you as you deal with these emotions, whether it be a trusted friend, family member, counselor, or support group.
  • Contact the police. See the police right away and avoid altering or destroying any evidence. This means don’t shower or change your clothes. Bring a friend with you to the police station if you are nervous.
  • Seek medical care. After being assaulted, you should seek medical care so you can be treated for any injuries. You can also receive medications to help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Contact The Garza Firm Today

Sexual assault is a serious crime that can result in physical injuries, emotional distress, unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and more.

If you have been a victim, the team at The Garza Firm can help you get compensation and justice. Contact an California sexual abuse lawyer today to learn more about your legal options. Call (949) 570-8350 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation.

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