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California EEOC Lawyer

Work is stressful enough. We spend a lot of time there, so we want our interactions there to be peaceful. Nobody wants to be treated badly by their co-workers or managers in the workplace.

Feeling unsafe or uncomfortable in the workplace can take a toll on your work duties, personal life, and even your health. Fortunately, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has protections that can help.

The EEOC is a collection of federal laws that offers employees protection from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. If you have been affected by a hostile work environment, seek legal help from the California EEOC lawyers from The Garza Firm. We’ll help you get the peace of mind you need.

Protections Offers by the EEOC

The EEOC has a duty to enforce federal laws that protect you from discrimination. You are protected from acts such as:

  • Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, or age
  • Discrimination against disabled employees and job applicants
  • Discrimination due to pregnancy
  • Discrimination that is based on genetic information
  • Not being paid the same as others who do the same job as you because you are a different race or gender
  • Failure for the employer to provide reasonable accommodations for someone with a disability
  • Age discrimination
  • Not getting paid the same as someone younger than you
  • Retaliation against complaints of discrimination

Do I Have a Claim?

If you feel as though you are in a hostile work environment, then it’s likely that you have an EEOC claim. However, only a lawyer can tell you for sure. Discuss your case with an experienced employment law attorney. They will try to prove that your employer:

  • Knew that the discrimination or harassment was taking place
  • Did not listen to your complaints
  • Did not try to correct or prevent the unacceptable behavior
  • Did not provide you with opportunities to manage the hostile work environment

Keep in mind that while harassment is usually a long-term situation, discrimination may be a one-time event. In any case, you’ll need to gather adequate evidence. Write down any events that occur and be sure to add details that include who, what, when, where, and how. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be.

When an employer is facing a discrimination claim, they need to act quickly and be compliant. By doing so, they can minimize the damages and seek a better settlement. When an employer denies a claim or fails to communicate with investigators, they only make matters worse.

Contact The Garza Firm Today

Employees have various protections under the EEOC, but sometimes discrimination can be hard to prove. That’s why having the right legal team on your side is essential.

The California EEOC lawyers at The Garza Firm can assess your case and advise you of any discrimination or harassment in the workplace. We’ll help you gather the evidence you need to prove your case. To schedule a consultation, call (949) 570-8350 or fill out the online form.

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